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Buces-Vulcan, Nr.2, Hunedoara, Romania

Founded in 1994, The Honey Farm is the result of years of experience in apiculture. With a long list of local and international clients, the Honey Farm proved over the years unparalleled experience in producing high quality, natural honey, commitment to traditional collection methods and intelligent branding.

Being actively involved in the apiculture field has always been our passion, and providing our clients with the purest and healthiest honey is part of the process. However, making the difference between natural honey and industrial, processed honey is a difficult task, and many people simply settle with whatever they find on the market. Therefore, we would like to make the choice easier by providing the best natural honey for you and your family. Each type of honey we produce is unique in flavor and qualities.

However, in order to gain a competitive advantage in front of other providers, we try to build our success story by sticking to the traditional honey collection methods, by listening to our clients and by trying to vary our products according to the clients’ needs. Are you interested in finding out more about The Honey Farm honey range?