Acacia Honey

Out of all type of honey produced here at The Honey Farm, the Acacia Honey is one of the most prized. Why? The answer is very simple. Acacia Honey is one of the brightest ones that exist, almost transparent if not mixed with other floral types of honey. Made from the black locust tree, or the Acacia tree, the Acacia Honey is so clear that you can see the comb through the jar. If you add the mild and sweet floral flavor, you will understand why it is one of the most popular types of honey. The high amount of fructose prevents a fast crystallization, which makes it one of the favorite types of honey for gourmands.

Acacia Honey characteristics:

  • Sleeping aid;
  • Anti-acid properties and treatment of digestive problems;
  • Detoxifying agent for liver, due to the high amount of easily absorbed fructose and glucose;
  • Fastens wound healing if applied externally;
  • Diuretic qualities, in urinary problems.

Did you know that…? Acacia Honey is sometimes used by diabetics, because it has low sucrose content and a high fructose level?